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Download Excel file
Register and download our designed Excel file.

Populate Excel file

Populate the Excel file by pasting information exported from your accounting software or by entering information into the Excel file.

Upload back to us
Login 1099ez.com with your user account, and upload the completed Excel worksheet to our server for processing. You are done! 
1099ez.com goes to work.

Download PDF file, review and modify in the website, if needed.
Very shortly, usually, within 1 business hour, you will receive notification e-mail indicating your processed PDF Forms are ready for download and after download, you can print all 1099 forms right from your local printer.  If you like to modify them, you can do so and reprint a 1099 form from the website.  1099ez website contains many management functions, they are innovative and free to use.

Mail Form 1099s  to recipients.  We'll do the filing for you.
Mail printed 1099/W-2's to your recipients.  To save the cost of mailing, you can even e-mail to your recipients (Login required).  We will e-file with I.R.S. for you. 

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